Wild Coconut Wear Interlock Wool

I don’t actually remember how I got turned on to Wild Coconut Wear, but it was our first interlock wool, and is still a major staple of our wool stash today.

We became majority wool wearers around six months, so I can’t yet speak about wool and newborns (though stick around and there’ll more on that in the future). I was influenced by the Waldorf idea that baby should be clothed in wool to help regulate their temperature so they can put that energy to use growing instead of staying warm, and also because I wanted to cloth diaper using only natural fibers.


Hemmed Medium Longies

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Rox + Rumble Double Layer Slim Pant and Capri Woolsters

I have a bunch of Rox + Rumble Double Layer Slim Pant and Capri Woolsters in my collection, they wear well, are easy to lanolize, and are so cute. Both the pants and the capris come in a variety of colorways, and there will be new colorways in their Winter 2016 line that is coming soon. The pants and capris are very similar, with the capris having a shorter leg and smaller cuff.


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Wool for Cloth Diapering: Modern Machine Knits Index

My wool stash is probably 75% machine knits. I have pants, shorts, capris, and covers, and today I am going to go into great detail about the major machine knit companies and their various products. I will be adding reviews here as they go live on the site, and my goal is to review every piece of wool meant for cloth diapering. That means there will soon be posts like this for Traditional Machine Knits (think Engel and Disana) and Interlock, and eventually Upcycled and Hand Knits, too. That may be a little pie in the sky, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make a good effort!

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