Sloomb’s Scouts

Sloomb recently introduced Scouts, a new design for wool pants, to their lineup. Scouts are knit with the thicker yarn of Sloomb’s Longies, but with a design more similar to basewoolies. Scouts have a double layer in the wet zone, a drawstring with extra elastic in the back, and are cuffed. Their knit isn’t as tight as the knit of Longies, and so they feel stretchier.
Sloomb Scouts in Flax

Scouts won’t replace either basewoolies or Longies in our line up, but for some people they’ll be a welcome addition to Sloomb’s lineup. Scouts fit considerably different from basewoolies. They are baggier, and my kiddo easily fit into 6-18 Scouts, a size she hasn’t fit into in basewoolies in five months. The waistband is also stretchier, which is great for wider/shorter kids, whereas they may be a problem for kiddos with beanpole body types.

I think the thicker wool feels even softer than the wool used in basewoolies. You pick up a pair of Scouts and just want to squishy their fluffy little selves. Really, when it comes to picking wool yarn Sloomb goes for the highest quality fluff.

Because of the thicker yarn, I did find that I had a much harder time keeping 18-24 Scouts cuffed than I have with basewoolies. On the other hand, since she still fit into 6-18, I could buy pants that I didn’t need to cuff (at least until she grows again) which eliminates the problem all together.

Sloomb Scouts in Flax
Even though the design came out this year, several color options have been released in solids, stripes, and colorblock. Many are sold out, and since they are so new, favorite colors can be hard to come by on the BST. More colors seem to be released every week recently, so if you are willing to try and stalk a release something you like should be available sooner or later.

The drawstring is a deal breaker in my house sadly. Kai can’t leave drawstrings alone, she tugs, she pulls, she contorts until she bites them. I usually cut them out of her pants, but I feel like I can’t do that with Scouts and so they aren’t for us. So very sad. I think without the drawstring they’d replace basewoolies in our winter wardrobe.

If your kid can handle drawstrings, however, this would be a good option for heavy wetters, chunkier kiddos, and colder climates. If your January has had more days above 70 than below it, you might want to look elsewhere.

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