Rox + Rumble Double Layer Slim Pant and Capri Woolsters

I have a bunch of Rox + Rumble Double Layer Slim Pant and Capri Woolsters in my collection, they wear well, are easy to lanolize, and are so cute. Both the pants and the capris come in a variety of colorways, and there will be new colorways in their Winter 2016 line that is coming soon. The pants and capris are very similar, with the capris having a shorter leg and smaller cuff.


They have a tight knit with skinny yarn, which is nice in our Southern climate. Even in the winter it doesn’t get bone chillingly cold the way it does up north, so having a little extra breathability is a plus. The wool feels a little slicker than the wool used by either Sloomb or Yooki for their non-machine washable woolies (R+R’s wool is way less slick than either brands’ machine washable wool). I’ve also gotten less fuzz with this wool than others. img_8771


Unlike Sloomb and Yooki, none of the Rox + Rumble products come with a string for repairs. I haven’t needed a string for any of my R+R woolies yet. Not having one originally made me a bit nervous, but I was so blown away by their customer service that I’m not worried anymore. Because it’s a mom owned business, the owner herself is customer service and she wants you to be happy.

Rox + Rumble’s elastic is sewn in, so it doesn’t twist, which makes me happy every time I don’t have to play around with the waistband to make it lay flat. This doesn’t stop it from being stretchy, though. Even though we are wearing 18-24 months in R+R right now, the 6-12 month Slim Pants are stretchy enough that my kiddo still fits. 


We use these for daytime use and love them. They’ve been in rotation for several months now and I have no holes, snags, or thinning to report. If you have a super heavy wetter, you might want to look at
wool more oriented towards night time, but for most babies and toddlers, this is a great option.


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