Wool for Cloth Diapering: Modern Machine Knits Index

My wool stash is probably 75% machine knits. I have pants, shorts, capris, and covers, and today I am going to go into great detail about the major machine knit companies and their various products. I will be adding reviews here as they go live on the site, and my goal is to review every piece of wool meant for cloth diapering. That means there will soon be posts like this for Traditional Machine Knits (think Engel and Disana) and Interlock, and eventually Upcycled and Hand Knits, too. That may be a little pie in the sky, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make a good effort!

I will continue to add new products to this overall review as soon as I get my hands on them. If I am missing anything you wanted reviewed, leave me a comment and I’ll try and source it immediately. Or if you want to provide the wool to review, I’d be okay with that, too.

At the time of writing, I personally purchased or won in a giveaway every piece of wool you see here.

Starting with the modern machine knit companies:

Rox + Rumble

We’ll start with the newest kids on the block, Rox + Rumble. This mom run company has its woolies knit in Romania using Oeko-Tex certified wool (there were two attempts at knitting in the US, but the company couldn’t get the quality they were looking for). They’ve had a couple releases now and offer a variety of wool in bright and modern colors.

Double Layer Slim Pant Woolsters

These pants have a double layer of knit wool through the shorts area (often called the “wet zone”), and a single layer in the legs. They fit close to the leg and have a cuff that can be rolled up. They are the thinnest of the machine knits, but unless you have a massively heavy wetter, the double layers should be great for daytime use. These pants come in solids, stripes, and a three tone stripe pattern (i.e. Daisy and Donald).

Read more for the full review.

Check back for reviews of more Rox + Rumble products, including Board Shorts, Euro Shorts, Covers,and Single Layer Slim Pants.


Yooki is our other relative new comer. They are also a mom run business, and their woolies are knit in China from Oeko-Tex certified wool. They are in the midst of their second major stocking right now and have brought out a bunch of new types of woolies that everyone is excited to try (and thus have been selling out fast!)

Classic Leggings and Shorts:

Yooki leggings and shorts are knit with the thickest gauge wool of the machine knit leggings, and with a slightly looser weave. They come in solid and melange colorways. These are my favorite for overnight in the winter. They are knit with a thicker gauge yarn than Sloomb or R+R, but the knit is a bit looser than the others. They are super soft and oh so squishy.  Yooki sizes are different from Sloomb or R+R (which are comparable to each other), which is really nice when your kiddo is between sizes. The leggings and shorts come in solid and melange colors. 

Read more for the full review.

Check back for reviews of more Yooki products including Machine Washable Leggings and Delux Leggings.


The biggest player in modern machine knit diapering wool, Sloomb has been producing machine knit wool since 2009. Their wool is knit in China and is Oeko-Tex certified. They offer the widest variety of woolies.

Basewoolies and Baseshorties:

When people think about machine knits this is what most people are thinking of. They’ve become the standard, even though it seems like Sloomb is branching away from them. These are tight against the leg with a skinnier yarn and a tight knit. They are just the slightest bit thicker then R+R’s Slim Pants, and much skinnier than Yooki or Sloomb’s own longies. They are cuffed so that they can be rolled up, letting each pair serves for two or three sizes. 

Read more for the full review.

Or Read our review of Sloomb’s Longies.

Check back for reviews of more Sloomb products including Scouts/Tankers/Hikers, Covers, Underwoolies, and Sloomb’s Gold offerings.

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