When You Don’t Know What To Do…

When you don’t know what to do, go outside. And so we went.

A woman who means a great deal to me, passed far away. She had a rare and aggressive form of cancer and she was dead two weeks after the doctors found it. I didn’t get to say goodbye in person and I couldn’t go to the funeral.

I also had to keep little person, who didn’t understand why her Baffa was sad, occupied and happy. So I threw our weekly rhythm out, and we spent a week outside. We walked through the woods and let the trees lean in close. We walked and when there was a moment to share knowledge we did that and hoped she knew we were continuing her legacy of teaching. We walked and I grieved and Kai absorbed the world around her. And that was enough.

Beeswax Ornaments 

One of the changes we’ve made in our lives is to embrace handmade, especially handmade at home. Christmas just amplified this feeling this year, which was wonderful because I was the tiniest bit worried we would miss the commercial trappings of the holiday. Instead, we’ve been busy making, and so when my husband mentioned he was missing our artificial and disposable decorations from years past I suggested making some beeswax ornaments to hang in our windows.

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Minimalist and Non Toxic Baby Registry

When Kai was born we were basically hoarders, we needed everything single baby thing on the market and duplicates just in case. After surviving Kai’s first year and working on a minimalist, non-toxic, zero waste, plastic free and local lifestyle, our ideas about what you need for a baby have drastically changed. Baby #2 will have so much less stuff than Kai had as a baby that it isn’t even funny. So here’s a list of stuff that we either kept or will buy for baby #2.

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St. Nicholas is on his way

It’s almost time for St. Nicholas to appear! Kai and I have gone through her clothes and toys, finding all the things she’s outgrown or never really used in the first place. We’ve been talking about how we’re being helpers and how that’s the spirit of St. Nicholas inspires us. There’s only so much a one and a half year old can get behind, but it’s been fun so far.

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