Yooki Classic Leggings and Shorts

Yooki Classic Leggings are knit with the thickest gauge wool of the machine knit leggings, and with a slightly looser weave. They come in solid and melange colorways. 

These are my favorite for overnight in the winter. They are knit with a thicker gauge yarn than Sloomb or R+R, but the knit is a bit looser than the others. The shorts are my favorite for summer time overnight use. They fit snug against the leg, and are thick and snugly without being overwhelming. Their looser knit does mean they occasionally get snags or pulls. Thankfully, they come with a string if you need to do repairs. Or you might consider felting them slightly to reduce pulls when your kiddo is playing hard and increase their bulletproofness for overnight.


Sadly, I can’t currently show you picture of the leggings, because mine died in a terrible dryer incident. More are on the way, however, so  pictures will be updated when they arrive.

These are great options for daytime, too, especially if you live in colder climates or have a heavy wetter. They are super soft and oh so squishy. I have found that they seem to need an extra round of lano, but once they have it they reach interlock levels of bulletproof, at least in our house.


Yooki sizes are different from Sloomb or Rox +Rumble (which are comparable to each other), which is really nice when your kiddo is between those sizes. Their newer leggings include XL, but the classics currently stop at Large.

Note, if you are buying used: the first set of leggings did not have a reinforced crotch. This was fixed quickly, but you may see this noted in sale. It can be reinforced with that extra string if you want to, but most people don’t report any problems.

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