Sloomb’s Longies

Longies were Sloomb’s first woolie offerings and they are still a great option today. These hemmed pants are looser than most other wool options with a thicker gauge wool yarn and a very tight knit. These pants don’t seem to be as popular as their cuffed cousins, but I think they are the jeans of the machine knit world.

Due to their tight weave and thicker wool, I’ve never had a pull or hole in a pair of longies. They are also double layer throughout, a plus for those of you looking for the warmest wool options and for those who dislike the transition line in basewoolies.

Longies are the only machine knit wool we wear on the trail, because they can stand up to prickly plants and branches without a problem. Ours have survived full on mud puddle rolls, scrambling over fallen trees, a every trip over a hidden root. Plus since wool stays warm when wet I’m not so worried about Kai investigating puddles or streams.

If you have a super heavy wetter and you want to use machine knit, this is the option I would try. Fully lanolized, they are probably the heaviest duty machine knit wool on the market. Also a good option if your house gets cold at night. We wear them under our rain suit to play in the snow.

Longies are sized differently from Sloomb’s cuffed wool products, since you can’t roll them up. They come in Small, Medium, Medium Long, Large and Large Slim.

If you are looking for warm, tough wool, that can stand up to a heavy wetter (with the right absorbency underneath), or heavy weather, Sloomb’s Longies are a great option.

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