Sloomb Basewoolies and Baseshorties

When people think about modern machine knits,  Sloomb’s Basewoolies are often the first thing that comes to mind. They’ve become the standard, even though it seems like Sloomb is branching away from them.

Basewoolies (pants) and baseshorties are tight against the leg with a skinny yarn and a tight knit. They are just the slightest bit thicker then Rox + Rumble’s Slim Pants, and much skinnier than Yooki or Sloomb’s own longies. Sloomb’s wool is so very soft and pretty squish. I do get a lot of fuzzies/pulling initially, but it settles down after a shave or two.

The pants are cuffed so that they can be rolled up, letting each pair serves for two or three sizes. The shorts have no cuff, the double layer just sort of loops over. The elastic isn’t sewn down, so you do have to fiddle with it to get it to lay flat, but that’s their only annoying feature. I wish the Baseshorties were a bit longer, they can seem very short on a tall kid, but they are a good option for under dresses and such. These are some of my favorite daytime options in both pants and shorts.

All of Sloomb’s woolies come with a string for repairs. Their tight knit means we haven’t had any snags or pulls yet, though. We wear these during the day here, and my kid plays hard. They’ve survived both mud baths and crawling on concrete so far. They are easy to lano and hold the lanolin well. When lanolized they make a good day time cover for all but the heaviest wetters.

Sloomb shipping can be slow and they are a company these days, not a mom run out of the kitchen thing, and so their customer service can be a little more hit or miss than other brands. Unlike their other products, you can only buy basewoolies and baseshorties directly from Sloomb.

Sloomb usually only has the latest colorways available for sale, but you can find most colors via the BSTs. Popular colors can also sell out in minutes. There is a huge array of color options for Basewoolies: solids, melange, stripes, patterns, and two-toned. Baseshorties come in solids, melange, and stripes. There are a lot of bright, modern colors, but there are some deeper and bolder colors as well. There is something for everyone here.

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