Wool Review: Ella’s Wool Tubes

I think I’m in love. Ella’s Wool makes Tubes, ribbed knit wool pants in toddler and kids sizes. These are meant as pants, not diaper covers like much of the wool I review, and they make the coziest, comfiest pants. These are a great mid layer, and Ella’s Wool also makes a wool baselayer that I hope to review this season as well.

Tubes come in solids and stripes. The pair I’m reviewing are the East River Ripple colorway which is navy, gray, charcoal, and natural stripes. These pants are super soft and squishy, and they stretch widthwise more than enough for my chunky kiddo! I was actually surprised, since out of the package they looked very, very skinny.

Kai is currently in 4T pants, which tend to be a bit long. We purchased the 3-5 year size, and they fit nicely at the waist and will continue to do so for probably another year or so. I did have to double cuff them, but they stayed cuffed even after extended rough play.

These make a great middle layer for cold weather, and are just as nice as a pants option in more temperate climates. They look nice under dresses, too. I think these will be a great option as we move out of wool pants intended for diapering and into wool pants intended for warmth. (They even passed the potty training test: Kai can get them on and off herself).

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