Buy Nothing: January

So January shouldn’t have been too much of a challenge at only 16 days (we started on the 15th, due to inspiration striking late.) It was and it wasn’t.

On January 15th, Kai threw my phone, and it hit the bathtub spigot screen first and then fell into the filling tub. It was toast. Toastier than toast. So on the first day of my buy nothing challenge I bought a new iPhone. FAIL.

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Zero Waste Baby Registry

Two of my best friends are having their first babies. One friend is as mainstream as can be, the other is my inspiration for reducing our waste and consumption. I’ve been having lots of conversations with both of them about babies and what they actually need, and I was inspired to share the fruits of these conversations with you all. I’ll post the Luxury Baby Registry that my mainstream, convenience friend and I put together later on this week.

This list is for the zero-wasters, the plastic-free, and the nature mamas. I tried to note vegan options as well.

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