Zero Waste Shampoo Review: Ethique Heali Kiwi

We’ve been working to make our home a less wasteful place. One of the places I looked to decrease waste first was the bathroom. It seemed like an easy place to start. There are only a few things that needed a change, unlike the kitchen, and it would have a moderate impact on our waste, unlike say a bedroom that might not have a huge impact immediately.

To do so I needed products or DIY substitutes that would replace the mainstream items I was already using. Not only would these replacements need to be mostly waste free, they also needed to be both non-toxic and work.

So I tried a lot of things, mainly shampoo bars, natural deodorants, and toothpaste. Some of them were great, other were down right terrible. I started keeping a list, and then figured if I was already doing most of the work, why not turn it into a blog series? Maybe that way you won’t have to try as many things as I did to find something that works for you.

Ethique Hair Sampler

Ethique Heali Kiwi Review

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Family Board Games: Dixit

For all that Dixit: Odyssey is an incredibly simple game, it’s one we play over and over again, with all sorts of people. Non-gamers and casual gamers like it because it’s easy to learn and easy to play, it’s great for older kids, requires no reading, and can go very fast once all the players get a hang of the game. It’s also nice to play as a family, because it’s the type of game that allows you to use insider knowledge of the other players to your advantage.


Dixit consists of a deck of cards and a score board. Your goal is to guess which card is the one chosen by the storyteller, based on a word or phrase they’ve chosen. Their goal is to make sure that only some of the players guess correctly as they get no points if everyone or no one gets it right.

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Wild Coconut Wear Interlock Wool

I don’t actually remember how I got turned on to Wild Coconut Wear, but it was our first interlock wool, and is still a major staple of our wool stash today.

We became majority wool wearers around six months, so I can’t yet speak about wool and newborns (though stick around and there’ll more on that in the future). I was influenced by the Waldorf idea that baby should be clothed in wool to help regulate their temperature so they can put that energy to use growing instead of staying warm, and also because I wanted to cloth diaper using only natural fibers.


Hemmed Medium Longies

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