Friday: Wool Covers and Wool Care

Today is the fifth day of the flats and handwashing challenge at Cloth Diaper Revival. 

We use all wool covers full time around here. For this challenge I limited myself to six wool covers from One Love Diaper Co. I usually only use three or four a day, but I’m paranoid about having back up.

Wool covers are great. When properly lanolized they can be used multiple times before needing a wash. The lanolin reacts with urine to make water and salt, and so you can leave covers to dry and then reuse them if needed.

I use lanolin from Sweet Tea and Biscuits. (I also get my lano spray and lano infused wool soap from them.) I usually do unscented, as I limit Kai’s exposure to essential oils especially in situations where they are absorbed through the skin. It’s too easy create skin sensitization in little kids. Here are the directions I use to lano my wool covers.

For washing I have used both Unicorn and Soak and both work fine. I also wash in Sweet Tea and Bisquits’ lanolin rich soap every third or fourth wash just to make sure everything stays soft.

I usually just wash in the sink, it’s easy and convenient for me. You need just a little bit of soap, enough to make suds, and I gently move the covers through the tepid soapy water until clean. For stains, I use Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Stick, which is amazing.

Depending on how much wool I have to dry, I either throw them all in the spin cycle in my washer to spin out as much water as possible, or roll them in a towel and gently squeeze some water out before laying them on drying rack under a ceiling fan. Or If I’m being lazy and I don’t need them super fast, I just double up a towel under a ceiling fan.

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