Wild Coconut Wear Interlock Wool

I don’t actually remember how I got turned on to Wild Coconut Wear, but it was our first interlock wool, and is still a major staple of our wool stash today.

We became majority wool wearers around six months, so I can’t yet speak about wool and newborns (though stick around and there’ll more on that in the future). I was influenced by the Waldorf idea that baby should be clothed in wool to help regulate their temperature so they can put that energy to use growing instead of staying warm, and also because I wanted to cloth diaper using only natural fibers.


Hemmed Medium Longies

Our first pair of wool from WCW was a pair of cuffed shorties from the buy/sell/trade board on Facebook. They were squishy and soft and very well made with all the seams serged with matching color thread. The second pair I bought brand new and they were even softer and squishier. Love at first wool.

I like interlock because you can machine wash them on gentle if you want. I only do it for disasters as I think it lead to less fluffiness than hand washing, but I love that it’s an option. This makes interlock and especially WCW our go to wool for muddy outdoor play.

2017-03-02_09-09-53_699 (2017-03-05T02_33_22.234).jpeg

Hemmed Medium Shorties

WCW interlock takes lanolin easily, and because it’s interlock I am sometimes lazy and just spray lanolin on the wet zone. We usually do either fitted or flats under our WCW, and I like having both options. Those of you who follow us on Instagram might remember that we used WCW interlock on our epic road trip across America with great success.

WCW has lots of options. They stock on most Fridays with ready to ship options. They make hemmed and cuffed longies, footies, leggings (called weggings), covers, hemmed, cuffed, and bubble shorties, and short leggings (shweggings). Many of the ready to ship options come with appliqués, stripes, track stripes, or special dyes (lwi or low water immersion dying which gives a subtle lazuring effect and dip dying which gives a more ombré or gradient look). They also do preorders on solid colors throughout the season.

2016-12-26_10-36-22_967 (2017-01-08T03_02_15.482).jpeg

Cuffed Medium Rainbow Trackie Longies

All in all I love the quality and affordability of WCW. We wore our Small-Long size longies and shorts for nine months before sizing up to Medium and it doesn’t look like we wore them at all. They are easy to care for, extra comfy and definitely a good choice when it comes to interlock.

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