Mom on her own

This is the first time I’ve ever been away from home since Kai was born. I’m off presenting at a conference on my dissertation research and my kiddo and her dad are hanging out doing fun Halloween things. 

It’s weird going back to my professional life after so much time more or less being a SAHM. I mean, I’ve been working, but writing from home and traveling across the country are two different things. 

It is, however, really nice to be hanging out with my colleagues and having intellectual conversations again. I even went to a bar last night for the first time in more than two years. 

Still, I’m going to be ready to be home when the conference is over!

Handcrafted Christmas, Week 1

I’ve already started shopping for Christmas and I know some of you have too. I thought I might make a few suggestions for presents made with natural materials to offset some of the plastic shock that often comes with Christmas. I’m not an Etsy affiliate, so these are just people I love and want other people to love too! This first week of handmade Christmas, here are seven makers who focus on toys and educational materials.

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One of those months…

We’ve had a wild, busy month here at casa de la Craftsman. First, the nice camera took a dive and unfortunately had to go in to get fixed. Sadly, this happened before I took loose parts pictures, so the loose parts series is on hold until I can take pictures of all the pretty things!

We also had some good wildness around here. We made an offer on our first house! The inspection is this week and if all goes well (cross your fingers for us) we will be homeowners. The house is a little bit of a fixer upper, so there should be some remodeling post in our future. I’m definitely going to try and paint the bathroom tile, and if I can get the spouse on board, I’m going to do concrete counter tops as well. So check back for remolding posts in a month or two.

We’re also gearing up for our first academic term of homeschooling, and we’re co-hosting a micro boarding gaming convention (i.e. 30ish semi-local people playing games all weekend).

What are you guys up to today? Any one else too busy?

Self Care is Important!

For those of who’ve been wondering where I went. I thought I had a cold. Kai and my husband were both sniffly, and Kai had a rash, so we took her to the doctor. Just a cold, and the very beginning of an ear infection. My husband went to the doctor a few days later. Just a cold.

I didn’t go to the doctor. Everyone felt better but me. That’s sort of normal around these parts, though, so I thought nothing of it. Not until I felt like my head was going to explode.

When I finally went to the doctor, I had a sinus infection, a double ear infection, and walking pneumonia. Yeah.

Thankfully, the drugs are all doing their part and I’m feeling much better. Next time, though, I’m going to the doctor when everyone else does!

Sunday: What did I learn?

It’s the last day of the flats and handwashing diaper challenge hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival. 

What did I learn?

  • That handwashing is completely viable, but a lot of work. 
  • That we can definitely diaper in an off grid situation like camping for a longer term if we want to. 
  • That I love my washer and hate my HOA. 
  • That flats and handwashing might work for some low income families. I think especially if there is a stay at home parent in the picture, flats and covers would be a good way to save money even if you had to handwash. 
  • Don’t forget a swim diaper in our list of covers next year! This was the only break from protocol we made, since wool in the pool doesn’t really work. 

I’m really looking forward to using my washer again guys, but I’m also looking forward to the challenge next year! 

Saturday: What’s Working?

It’s the sixth day of the flats and handwashing diaper challenge hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival. 

What’s working and what isn’t?

We pretty much do everything but the handwashing on a regular basis. I love flats and wool covers. They are easy, they are natural and they are so adorable!

I don’t love handwashing flats. I pretty much only do it because I’m not one to turn down a challenge. They do come out super clean, it’s just a lot of work.