Wild & Woad Early Fall: Week 5


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Circle Time (every day)

  • Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
    • We are learning new songs now that Kai really enjoys singing and has begun to pick up the words to songs we sing all the time. Each song is scheduled for two weeks, so that she has plenty of time to pick up the lyrics and hand gestures.
  • PE: Yoga
    • Kai loves Cosmic Kids Yoga and we are working on Spider Pose this week.
  • Calendar: Seasons
    • We’re learning about how seasons change from spring to summer, and what signs we look for to know summer is near ( green leaves on trees, bees come out, etc.)


Outdoor Nature Study: Apples/Fruit Trees

  • We’re on the hunt for apples and fruit bearing trees.  We will be recording the fruits in our nature journals. 

Process Art: Sun Prints

  • We are going to experiment with sun prints. Sunprint Paper is a special kind of paper which uses the sun’s light to create an image of anything placed on top of it.


Indoor Nature Study: Parts of Fruit

  • We will be using diagrams and three part cards to learn about the different parts of fruit and talk about why trees make fruit. With three part cards we often play matching and memory games, as well as vocab building.

Life Skill: Setting the Table/Tea Time

  • Tuesday is tea time! First, Kai is going to set the table. We’re working on putting the utensils in the correct places. Then we are going to have a treat and some lemonade in a tea cup and I will read a book from the book basket.
  • We also do a math activity from Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1.


Science: Muscles

  • Kai and I will learn about muscles, and how they help our body to move. We will be using three-part cards and our magnetic human body, and doing a few feats of strength.

Sensory: Light table orange slices

  • We are going to looking at thinly sliced citrus fruits on the light table so that their features become more apparent.


Seasonal: Apple Bird Feeders

  • We are making a few apple bird feeders for our bird friends. This is a super easy craft, all you need is an apple, some peanut butter and bird seed, a a way to hang up your feeders outside.

Kitchen: Knife Skills/Apples and Peanut Butter

  • Since we’re already chopping up apples, Kai is going to work on her knife skills, both to cut up the apples and to spread on the peanut butter. We’ll skip the bird seed on her snack, though.


Ancestor Tale: Cheetah Tears

  • Instead of reading a story from a book, Fridays are for oral story telling. I learn a new story every other week to tell Kai, and we act out the story with props. Usually the story gets acted out again and again during playtime and bed time, as Kai tends to really enjoy this kind of story telling.

Painting and Drawing: Paint the Story

  • On Fridays, I tell a story and Kai is invited to paint or draw something from it.

If you want to see how it went or follow along, I generally post our school photos to our Instagram either on the same day or soon after.

Specific Materials:

See our School Supplies post for general supplies used throughout the year.

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