Myers Natural Toys Review

Myers Natural Toys is one of our favorite small Etsy shops. I got Kai their wave and tree stackers for her birthday, and they are a hit. They are adorable, nice to touch, and expand her play, the perfect toy trifecta.

wood gnomes playing in a wood forest

I can’t say enough about how nice these toys are under your fingers. We have other stackers, even ones made by more mainstream German companies, that aren’t as smooth and nicely finished as these stackers. Each piece fits without too much wiggle room, but they aren’t difficult to get together either. Kai can assembled and disassemble them with ease. She uses them as an extension of block play, as well as scenery props. I love using them in her play set ups, just so I can play with them for a while.

myers natural toys wave stacker

I look forward to each new toy MNT adds to their line up. They have a good set of the standards, such as rainbow stackers and playsilks, as well as creative additions, such as their wood candles (Kai is getting a few of these for Winter Solstice, she loves playing birthday and always wants to use our candles. These wooden ones will hold up much better to play!) They also make arts supply pieces, like paint and crayon holders.

myers natural toys tree stacker

Yesterday, Kai used her wave pieces to make lounge chairs for her gnomes to enjoy their forest. And who wouldn’t want to kick back in such a comfy scene? I’m a little jealous of the gnomes!

gnomes napping on waves

I definitely think there while be a few of these toys tucked away fo future holidays in our home.

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