Zero Waste Deodorant Review: Fat and the Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Fat and the Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

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Review Methodology: I picked items to review,  because I wanted to try them for myself, in hopes of finding the best product for my own home. My selection process involved looking at top hits on Amazon and Etsy, suggestions from friends, and also cool things I saw on Instagram. Probably not all that scientific, but especially for shampoo and deodorant, I tried a lot of things. I also decided that to be as fair as possible, that each  review would include an affiliate link to the product, whether I decided it was the one for me, or I wanted to set it on fire and dance widdershins around it. Thus, this post contains an affiliate link. Also, many personal care products work for some but not all people, these reviews are simply my experience of the product, yours may vary widely.

Fat and The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream

Research Methodology:  I’m using each product every day for two weeks, following the directions on the packaging. I have been using natural deodorant for almost a year now, so I did not detox or do anything special to my arm pits in preparation. I also shave my armpits on the regular. My husband has been given permission to comment on my stinkiness, too.    

Ingredients: This is baking soda free! It contains coconut oil, arrowroot starch, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, essential oils of basil and vetiver.

Product Smell: It’s scented with basil and vetiver, and it’s a combination I just don’t like. Honestly it smells like a combination of turmeric and a hint of BO which isn’t how I want to my deodorant to start out smelling. It smells more subtle when applied then in the tub, but I still am not a fan.

End of the Day: This actually did a pretty decent job at keeping the smelly pits away. I think it probably worked for a good 18 hours, which is pretty great in the world of natural deodorants.

Application: This comes in a small metal tin, and you apply a pea sized amount with your fingers. Got to say, I don’t love the application method. I much prefer a stick.

Reapplication: Nope, second day reapplication is not a go. I just smelled stinky even right after I reapplied.

Residue: I did get a little residue on my shirt, but it mostly washed out in regular laundry.

Eco-ness: It was mailed in a plastic mailer, and the metal tin has two stickers on it.

Rating: 3 ½ stars. Fat and The Moon Sensitive Pit Cream works pretty well, but I can’t get over the scent. I’d also appreciate it if it came in stick form. 

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