Handcrafted Christmas, Week 1

I’ve already started shopping for Christmas and I know some of you have too. I thought I might make a few suggestions for presents made with natural materials to offset some of the plastic shock that often comes with Christmas. I’m not an Etsy affiliate, so these are just people I love and want other people to love too! This first week of handmade Christmas, here are seven makers who focus on toys and educational materials.

Treemagination: The best place, hands-down, to get tree blocks. These are the most beautiful tree blocks I’ve ever seen, and not only are they soft and smooth in hand, they also smell amazing. We own a custom forest set and a custom castle set, which are played with all of the time.


Kind Kids Handmade: Kind Kids makes linen dresses and wooden toys, including form drawing tracers and bow and arrow sets. We own one of their dress with another on the way, and they are simply lovely.

Mirus Toys: They have so many different amazing wooden toys, puzzles and educational materials, I don’t even know where to start. They have lots of Montessori and nature inspired materials. We have their daily rhythm chart, and some playdough stampers will be arriving in Kai’s stocking this year.

The Knothole Tree: We’re members of their Rock of the Month club, and if you can get a spot, it is amazing. Each box comes with the actual rock, as well as cards with information about the rock’s properties and other information. They also make lots of amazing educational materials illustrated with beautiful watercolors.

Kitchen Dyeworks: When I don’t make my own playsilks, I buy them here. I love that they are customizable and the dye jobs are so much more uniform than I ever get. They have a great selection of solids and tiedye/icedye patterns.

Tale World: These are the sweetest little Waldorf style story dolls. I think at least one is coming to our house for Christmas. They would be great for circle time, or free play for older kids.

Sensory Play: They make amazing Rainbow stackers, perpetual calendars, and other wooden toys. Need stackers for the entire solar system? These are your people. I want their perpetual calendar and matching moon phase circle.

 Tune in next week for seven more amazing  makers!


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