Helping Grandparents Pick Natural Toys This Christmas

Grandparents tend to get excited about Christmas, I know my mom does. Sometimes this excitement translates into piles of gifts. Plastic, plastic everywhere. I think I’ve seen this question on every mom related Facebook group I’m in, how do I stop the grandparents from buying a ton of plastic toys?

First, and often the easiest thing to do, is to set up an Amazon Wishlist for your kids. I’m actually still using my Amazon baby registry for this, since my husband and I can both add stuff to it, but a regular wishlist would work, too. This way you are encouraging grandparents to buy great gifts, instead of telling them what not to buy. Most grandparents want to buy things that their grandchildren will love and will make their kids happy. If you provide them with a wish list, they are much less likely to walk into a big box store and buy the it-gift of the season.

Since you can add anything to an Amazon wishlist, try suggesting experience presents. Ask for a membership to your local museum. Or suggest a trip with Grandpa to the ice cream parlor. Sometimes people need to be reminded that its not just about things that can be unwrapped, gifting experiences means building a closer relationship with grandkids, and what Grandparent would turn that suggestion down?

Some grandparents, however, really love the whole unwrapping experience, though, so if they want to buy a material present, I have a few suggestions:

If they are internet savvy enough, take a look at my Handmade Christmas posts, and point them in the direction of your favorite Etsy store.

If not, here are a few of my favorite gifts that you can order straight from Amazon without any “getting lost on the internet” as Kai’s great grandmother puts it:




Our favorite pre-reader books:

Our favorite art supplies:

Hopefully, this will get you started and the wishlist will help you, help grandparents to buy more natural toys. If not, check back next week for more strategies we use to keep the amounts of toys in our home to a dull roar.

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide us with a small commission when you use them to purchase goods. 

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