A Dream Kitchen For Kai

We’ve been having a long, sad month here in the Craftsman house. Everyone needed a distraction and after a couple days of using Pinterest as my distraction, I gave myself a kick in the pants and started planning out my next project. A project makes everybody feel better right?

Kai is getting a play kitchen. She loved her cousin’s and she been hiding her blocks in cabinets every chance she gets. I think I’ve looked at every play kitchen on the market and most of the DIY ones, too. I’ve been picking out features I like and going back and forth on paint colors. I even bought a Kreg Jig to do a little fancy cabinetry work. 

We’re headed out to buy wood Sunday, and I can’t wait. I suspect you’ll all be hearing a lot about this kitchen the next couple weeks. In the mean time, what are your favorite play kitchen features?

6 thoughts on “A Dream Kitchen For Kai

  1. Fun! I like having a cabinet with an opaque door to store the food and pots and pans. We purchased a fridge for this purpose because we needed more space to store kitchen accessories.

    I hope the project goes well, and that happy days are ahead of you.


  2. I love the idea of building a kitchen! I love the ones that are made out of old entertainment centers! Or nightstands, I think I’ve seen! Having a little stove/oven, along with a fridge and sink would be nice! Or a cabinet to store pots and pans!


  3. My kids got a play kitchen for Christmas, but it doesn’t have a fridge. Where is their play food supposed to go!? (Their answer to that is ‘on the floor,’ of course). But I want to try to make a fridge for it sometime soon.
    cadyra (ig)


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