Rowan Forge Year 1.5 Fall Term Homeschool Plan

If you missed the Year 1.5 Summer Term post, check it out for some background on how we homeschool.

Fall will be the beginning of our academic subjects. I decided to keep a slower pace this first year, and wait for a foreign language or any other additional subjects until next year. History, Geography, Math and English will be the only subjects we do every day. Everything else in on a weekly or ad hoc looping basis.

A lot of these resources are available online for free. I linked to hard copies because I dislike digital books, especially when reading Charlotte Mason style.

Fall TermĀ (September, October, November)

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An Arts and Crafts Education: Waldorf

The Arts and Crafts philosophy does not lay out a coherent educational policy, for all that it talks about both children and how people learn. From this philosophy I draw a few important themes: Nature and the environment as teacher, cooperative learning, the freedom to explore and develop individual learning goals and that education must include hands, heart and head as John Ruskin would put it.

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