Self Care is Important!

For those of who’ve been wondering where I went. I thought I had a cold. Kai and my husband were both sniffly, and Kai had a rash, so we took her to the doctor. Just a cold, and the very beginning of an ear infection. My husband went to the doctor a few days later. Just a cold. 

I didn’t go to the doctor. Everyone felt better but me. That’s sort of normal around these parts, though, so I thought nothing of it. Not until I felt like my head was going to explode. 

When I finally went to the doctor, I had a sinus infection, a double ear infection, and walking pneumonia. Yeah. 

Thankfully, the drugs are all doing their part and I’m feeling much better. Next time, though, I’m going to the doctor when everyone else does!


Sorry for the disappearing act, the stomach flu hit here and hit hard. Everybody was sick. Honestly, I’m still feeling under the weather, but good enough to start digging out of a week of being sick. My poor house is a disaster just in time for spring cleaning!  

Posting will return to a normal schedule with more crafts and wool reviews on the horizon. 

Surviving the First Six Weeks as a Minimalist Mom

Kai and I still head out to our local nursing group twice a month, at the encouragement of our lactation consultant. She likes to have people who can model extended breastfeeding for new moms who are hanging out. Which means I talk to a rotating crop of new moms on a regular basis. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about how to help them out. This week I sat down next to a mom and her five day old and she was struggling at home by herself all day and wondering if she should invest in all the fancy baby gear.

So today, I’m paraphrasing my advice to her and all the other new moms who’ve asked me similar questions.

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Family Board Games: Ticket To Ride

Family board game night might sound like something out of an 80’s Sitcom, but it is the highlight of my week. Every Thursday, my husband sneaks away from work a little early and we join two other couples and their kids to play board games. This may sound weird, but playing games together has been great for finding new friends, learning to be better parents, and strengthening our marriage.

Finding a community can be hard. It seems people move in and out of my subdivision faster than I can learn their names. Even as I put forth an effort to know my neighbors, I’ve also worked to build friendships based on interests and not geography. So today I’m going to introduce you to Ticket to Ride.

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The Forest Noise Detox Plan

We spent a week at my grandmother’s house. This was wonderful as Kai got to spend time with her great grandmother, and my and her aunts, uncles, and cousins, many of whom she had never met before.

It also posed a few challenges. Two other small people live at GG’s house, which meant that there was a lot of sharing to be done. Food, space, arms, laps, and most contentiously, toys.  And those toys made noise.

All of the noise.

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#300daysofwild so far…

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably know we took an impromptu road trip to my grandmother’s house. She contracted pneumonia and the prognosis original did not look good. Thankfully, she is home and almost completely recovered now.

Impromptu travel has lots of challenges, especially when you find out you are leaving and leave within thirty minutes, all with a toddler in tow! Thankfully, since all of our clothes are folded and put away these days (thank you, Konmari!) it was simple to find what I needed and throw it in a bag.

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When You Don’t Know What To Do…

When you don’t know what to do, go outside. And so we went. 

A woman who means a great deal to me, passed far away. She had a rare and aggressive form of cancer and she was dead two weeks after the doctors found it. I didn’t get to say goodbye in person and I couldn’t go to the funeral. 

I also had to keep little person, who didn’t understand why her Baffa was sad, occupied and happy. So I threw our weekly rhythm out, and we spent a week outside. We walked through the woods and let the trees lean in close. We walked and when there was a moment to share knowledge we did that and hoped she knew we were continuing her legacy of teaching. We walked and I grieved and Kai absorbed the world around her. And that was enough.