A Dream Kitchen For Kai

We’ve been having a long, sad month here in the Craftsman house. Everyone needed a distraction and after a couple days of using Pinterest as my distraction, I gave myself a kick in the pants and started planning out my next project. A project makes everybody feel better right?

Kai is getting a play kitchen. She loved her cousin’s and she been hiding her blocks in cabinets every chance she gets. I think I’ve looked at every play kitchen on the market and most of the DIY ones, too. I’ve been picking out features I like and going back and forth on paint colors. I even bought a Kreg Jig to do a little fancy cabinetry work. 

We’re headed out to buy wood Sunday, and I can’t wait. I suspect you’ll all be hearing a lot about this kitchen the next couple weeks. In the mean time, what are your favorite play kitchen features?

Beeswax Ornaments 

One of the changes we’ve made in our lives is to embrace handmade, especially handmade at home. Christmas just amplified this feeling this year, which was wonderful because I was the tiniest bit worried we would miss the commercial trappings of the holiday. Instead, we’ve been busy making, and so when my husband mentioned he was missing our artificial and disposable decorations from years past I suggested making some beeswax ornaments to hang in our windows.

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