A Non-Toxic and Minimalist Toddler List

Having a minimalist toddler is a lot more difficult than a minimalist baby. Toddlers want things beyond a full belly, a clean diaper, and a warm place to sleep. Toddlers are exploring, learning, and destroying machines! They have opinions on what they wear and eat and play with.

I can only tell you how we’ve approached living minimally with a toddler, because every toddler is different. I hope that it will still be helpful for you.

Our Minimalist and Non-Toxic Toddler List

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Minimalist and Non Toxic Baby Registry

When Kai was born we were basically hoarders, we needed everything single baby thing on the market and duplicates just in case. After surviving Kai’s first year and working on a minimalist, non-toxic, zero waste, plastic free and local lifestyle, our ideas about what you need for a baby have drastically changed. Baby #2 will have so much less stuff than Kai had as a baby that it isn’t even funny. So here’s a list of stuff that we either kept or will buy for baby #2.

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