Wild & Woad Late Winter: Week 3

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Circle Time (every day)

  • Song: London Bridge
    • We are learning new songs now that Kai really enjoys singing and has begun to pick up the words to songs we sing all the time. Each song is scheduled for two weeks, so that she has plenty of time to pick up the lyrics and hand gestures.
  • PE: Cosmic Kids Yoga Story
    • Kai asked to do more Yoga, so we decided she could pick a Cosmic Kids Yoga story to do each week. We’re doing We’re Going on a Bear Hunt  this week.
  • Calendar: Moon Phases
    • We are charting the phases of the moon.


Outdoor Nature Study: Constellations

  • We are doing a night nature walk to look at the stars, and talk more about constellations. We’ll be recording Kai’s favorite in our nature journal. 

Process Art: Stick and Rock Constellations

  • I’ve got stick and rocks and gold paint, and so we’ll be making constellations today. 


Indoor Nature Study: Constellation

  • We’re going to explore constellations, and talk about how different cultures saw different patterns in the sky. 

Life Skill: Tea Time/Wash the Table

  • Tuesday is tea time! We have a treat and some lemonade in a tea cup and I read a book from the book basket. This term, Kai is in charge of washing the table after we’re done.
  • We have started looking at quality of numbers, as I realized Kai has figured out adding and subtracting numbers under 9 all by herself. I wasn’t ready for her to be so ready for math, especially since we usually do a single page of her math book once a week. We are using The Gnomes’ Gemstones by FromJennifer, to make sure Kai has a really good feel for numbers before she gets too ahead of me with the calculating. 


Social Studies: Europe

  • We are pulling out our Europe continent box for the first time. Right now, a lot of the material focuses on Ireland.

Sensory: Wool felting

  • Our holiday for this week is Brigid’s Day, and she is connected with sheep, so we’ll making wool felted balls in a big tub of warm, soapy water.  


Seasonal: Brigid’s Day/Candlemas/Imbloc

  • We are rolling and decorating candles with beeswax sheets for Brigid’s Day. 

Kitchen: Make Butter

  • We regularly make butter in the Kitchenaide, but Kai is going to get a chance to make her own butter by shaking whipping cream in a mason jar. I still remember making butter this way in Girl Scouts when I was a little kid.


Ancestor Tale: Orion

  • Instead of reading a story from a book, Fridays are for oral story telling. I learn a new story every other week to tell Kai, and we act out the story with props. Usually the story gets acted out again and again during playtime and bed time, as Kai tends to really enjoy this kind of story telling. During late winter we are focusing on stories about constellations.

Painting and Drawing

  • On Fridays, I tell a story and Kai is invited to paint or draw something from it.

If you want to see how it went or follow along, I generally post our school photos to our Instagram either on the same day or soon after.

Specific Materials for Week 2:

See our School Supplies post for general supplies used throughout the year.


  • A small Mason Jar (I like the quilted ones for jelly).
  • Heavy cream
  • Optional: one clean marble (for extra agitation)
  1. Fill jar halfway with heavy cream
  2. (Optional) add marble
  3. Make sure the lid is on tight
  4. Shake until butter forms
  5. If you added a marble, be sure to remove it before using the butter.

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