Pattern Review: Twig and Tale Patterns

Twig and Tale hands down make my favorite patterns. First, because they embrace the layer functionality of pdfs, and so each size is on a separate layer meaning you only print one size at a time, and never have to worry about cutting on the wrong line. For this alone they should get five shiny, gold stars, a dance of glee, and every other pattern maker should follow in their footsteps.

But no, they don’t stop there, not only are their patterns dead simple to cut out, their instructions are brilliant, too. Ever step is laid out for the beginner, and the more difficult steps even have a video showing you what to do. The first time I sewed a Twig and Tale pattern, I had never sewn a piece of clothing before, and my past sewing experience was basically making a single pillow case. I had to FaceTime my mom twice to get help threading my machine, that is how much of a newbie I was, and yet, my Evergreen bonnet and my Pathfinder vest both turned out amazing.

Of course, none of the would matter if their patterns didn’t make such darn cute clothing. Bonnets with animal ears! Capes and coats, with animal ears! Forest gnome vests! Everything, I’ve ever sewn from a pattern of theirs has turned out adorable.

A-line mod of the Driftwood dress

My go to patterns for Kai’s seasonal capsule wardrobes:

Tree Climber Pantaloons

  • This pattern is makes both a bubble short and pantaloon/capri, and with a tiny bit of length change, makes an excellent bloomer, and also Viking style pants.
  • I’m currently playing around with lining the pants length with flannel for fall.

Pathfinder Vest

  • I’ve made Kai two of these with the Pixie hat option, so that she can look like a tiny Alpine gnome scampering through the forest. One in upcycled wool lined in flannel, and one in linen lined with flannel (with matching Tree Climbers).

Evergreen Bonnet

  • Bonnets, with ears! I can’t even with the cuteness.

Pathfinder vest and treeclimber pantaloons

Evergreen bonnet and pixie shorts

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