Zero Waste Shampoo Review: Plaine Products Shampoo

Plaine Products Shampoo

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide us with a small commission at no cost to you when you use them to purchase goods.

Review Methodology: I picked items to review,  because I wanted to try them for myself, in hopes of finding the best product for my own home. My selection process involved looking at top hits on Amazon and Etsy, suggestions from friends, and also cool things I saw on Instagram. Probably not all that scientific, but especially for shampoo and deodorant, I tried a lot of things. I also decided that to be as fair as possible, that each  review would include an affiliate link to the product, whether I decided it was the one for me, or I wanted to set it on fire and dance widdershins around it. Thus, this post contains an affiliate link. Also, many personal care products work for some but not all people, these reviews are simply my experience of the product, yours may vary widely.

Plaine Products’ Rosemary, Mint, Vanilla Shampoo is a nice transition for people getting into Zero Waste but not ready to try a solid shampoo.

Research Methodology: I’m using each product every other day for two weeks with my normal once a week conditioner routine. With solid shampoo, I’ve followed the directions on the packaging, or if there aren’t any, I’ve swiped the wet bar from root to tip of my hair and then rinsed. With liquid shampoo, I have shampooed as normal. My hair is 1B, very straight and super thick (I once donated over a pound of hair), and tends to get oily.  The Plaine Products’ shampoo is liquid and used just like a traditional shampoo. 

Ingredients: SLS and palm oil free, no animal testing. This is vegan and uses no GMO ingredients. 

Scent: Rosemary, vanilla, and mint. It smells very herbal and is present without being overwhelming. The scent is not obvious once out of the shower. Overall, I really like the smell. They’ve also just introduced a new citrus scent that I have not tried. 

Feel: This feels like a traditional shampoo going on, but if you’ve been using something with SLS in it, this won’t feel as clean even in the rinsing stage. SLS overcleans hair though, so this isn’t a bad thing. It also suds up less, and I feel like I had a harder time getting the shampoo under my hair to my scalp than I do with my traditional shampoo. It does leave my hair feeling clean all day long.

The next day: I definitely need to use this every day to keep my hair from getting too oily.

The end of the two weeks: No build up or any other side effects. I felt like my hair was slightly less oily at the end of the two weeks than it was in the beginning. 

Eco-ness: Plain Products come in aluminum bottles that you can send back to the company to be washed and reused. You also indicate if you need a plastic pump in each order, so that you can keep using the same pump with each new bottle. They also offer a subscription for those of you who prefer to automate that sort of thing. I ordered directly from the company, and their packaging was all biodegradable except for the tape which was minimal. 

Rating: 4 stars for Plaine Products’ Rosemary, Mint, Vanilla Shampoo, I’m keeping it, but moving it to our guest bathroom along with Plaine’s body wash for a guest who might not be comfortable using solid shampoo. (Though the body wash might get a duplicate in my shower, there’ll be a review soon!)

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