And we’re back!

After an extended vacation, I am back and blogging. It’s been a very hectic year, and I am glad to be starting the new school year and settling down (we definitely run on the academic year around here, so September is always like New Years.) In addition, my manuscript is off being edited, Kai is starting a Montessori style co-op twice a week, and we’ve wrapped up a few other big projects, so I have some time on my hands again.

While I haven’t been writing, I have been making notes as we work to transition to a less wasteful and more healthy home. Expect to see lots of reviews of zero-waste and natural products , since we tried a lot to find which ones worked best for us. We’re also embarking on a new home school year, hello 3K! We’re trying a co-op  for the first time, and alpha testing a friend’s preschool curriculum. Lastly, I’ve been on a huge sewing kick, using up stash fabric and upcycling clothes for Kai’s fall wardrobe.

I hope you are all looking forward to this academic year as much as I am!

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