Handmade Christmas, Week 2

Christmas shopping is in full swing around here. I thought I might make a few suggestions for presents made with natural materials to offset some of the plastic shock that often comes with Christmas. This week I have another list of small scale makers that offer awesome handmade goods.


Montessori ReStore: Awesome loose parts and sensory bins. If you don’t want to put together loose parts yourself, this is the first place I’d head to. Their sets are so sweet and a lot of fun.

The Little Naturalist: Have a nature lover? The Little Naturalist not only sells collections of nature parts, but they keep a record of what you have so that they can send you all new things if you order again. I love being able to expand on our nature collection with things that we don’t have available in our region.

Wiwiurka: Need gross motor toys that are made from natural materials? These guys are my go to recommendation. I will say up front we don’t own anything from them, but my kiddo got to play on one of their Pikler Triangles, and I’m definitely buying one for the next baby.

Wild Ginger Kids: I love these Waldorf style pocket dolls. Kiddo has a few of the pocket animals and I think that they are just so sweet and well made. The larger dolls are gorgeous, too!

Simple Gifts Toys: I love love love the mountain puzzle, and I hope she keeps releasing new puzzle scenes because they are hands down gorgeous. Also the place to get wooden pretend Apothecary kits and wooden play food.

Mama Made Them: Need wooden trucks and construction vehicles for your peg people? This is the place to get them. Gorgeous wood tow trucks and forklifts and more.

Simpler Times Toys: This is the store Kai’s barn came from. It may be the most beautiful thing in my whole home. Such amazing craftsmanship and beauty.

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