Rowan Forge Year 1.5 Winter Term Homeschool Plan

Winter Term is built around winter holiday breaks and knowing it’ll be a bit on and off a again. On the other hand, I’m hoping we will have hit a rhythm by then and be settled into homeschooling.

Winter Term (December, January, February)

Term Studies


In Term 2, we cover ancient India and China, and read creation stories from both cultures. We also look at America’s creation story: the American War of Independence.

Geography: Our Planet’s Lands

We pick up where we left off in Term 1 and discuss how the Earth’s Rotation and axis create seasons. We discuss different biomes and distinguish them from continents, then use beeswax to do modeling on landforms. We also start map skills, on a global and local scale and learn the compass points.

Mathematics: Rightstart Math

I like the hands on, manipulatives basis of this program (and that I could get the manipulatives used.)


These will be read one story a day on an alternating loop through out the entire term.

Handwork: Hand Sewing

Practicing basic hand sewing is another early Waldorf handwork. We’re going to make a simple doll blanket and pillow.

Family Studies


Winter is the perfect time to study rocks and minerals. Kai already loves rocks, and this gives me a chance to help both girls broaden their experience.

While Charlotte Mason often allows nature study to be the whole of science, and many Classical programs do away with it entirely, we plan on spending the first three terms discovering simple machines. We’ll be doing this with Reggio style provocations to play, with MacAulay providing further information.

Music Appreciation: Duke Ellington

I pulled Mr. Ellington from the Wildwood Curriculum for our modern musician. He’s a great introduction to jazz and I enjoy his music.


All hymns come from the Unitarian Universalist hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition. We’re adding in the piano for the winter term, with the hope we’ll be settled into a routine by then, and this addition will be easy to incorporate.

Art Appreciation/Picture Study: Piet Mondrian

Most artist studies I’ve seen, leave out modern art. I was inspired by a Charlotte Mason-er on Instagram who was covering Mondrian with her daughter, after all, a lot of modern art is pretty classical now. In the years to come, I hope to cover people like Dali, Rothko, and Pollock.

Art: Waldorfish Weekly Art

I really like these video based art classes. They use a wide variety of art mediums and give clear instruction about different art techniques. I am not artistically inclined, and I did all the sample projects before deciding on it, and had fun and learned a lot of useful stuff. I’m hoping the kids will enjoy this as much as I have.

Physical Education: Cosmic Kids Yoga

More yoga!

For the rest of our year:


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