Rowan Forge Nursery School Summer Term

We’ve got a whole lot of things going on, and some big changes on the way. During this time, it’s especially important to keep on rhythm with Kai. She doesn’t understand exactly what is happening or why and she doesn’t have enough words to express her discontent at all this change. I hate change, too, kiddo, so I know how you feel (even if I don’t hate this change. I’m challenged by it, and maybe even overwhelmed a bit, but I’m also looking forward to having Kit with us for the year).

I’m also trying to expand our outside time. I recently started reading Charlotte Mason’s own works, instead of what others have written about her method and even with all the encouragement Waldorf has given us to go outside, CM has inspired me to do more. Right now we spend 2-3 hours outside a day, and apparently everyone is getting into the outside game, even WHO declared kids should be outside for at least 3 hours a day this week.

So my new goal is to spend breakfast to after lunch outside. This means bringing breakfast, snack, and lunch with us (we don’t have a yard at our house so we go to local parks), it means bringing read aloud books and nature journals, diapers, extra clothes, and towels (always bring a towel). It means being organized.

I’m a lot better at being organized on a large scale, big picture sort of thing, than I am at the day to day stuff. There’s a reason I carry a full car kit of backup things, because you wouldn’t believe the things I forget (rainboots! diapers! my own head if it weren’t attached!) I’m expanding the backup kit to include a backhome homeschool kit (pencils! notebooks! read aloud books!) in the hopes that that will cover an of my forgetfulness.

The Big Picture of our summer term was much easier for me.  Rowan Forge Forest School (that’s our homeschool name for those of you who missed it) is starting the year off with a very relaxed summer term. Our goals are to live in and with nature, study the world around us, and read some good books. Honestly, that sounds like vacation to me.

Kai is invited to join in on anything Kit is doing (though see Kit’s Summer Term for what she’ll be doing and how Kai’s nap plays into that). Mostly at this point singing songs and running around outside are all she really needs. If she gets to listen to some great books while we’re at it, all the better.

Find the rest of this year’s curriculum posts:

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