Family Board Games: Dixit

For all that Dixit: Odyssey is an incredibly simple game, it’s one we play over and over again, with all sorts of people. Non-gamers and casual gamers like it because it’s easy to learn and easy to play, it’s great for older kids, requires no reading, and can go very fast once all the players get a hang of the game. It’s also nice to play as a family, because it’s the type of game that allows you to use insider knowledge of the other players to your advantage.


Dixit consists of a deck of cards and a score board. Your goal is to guess which card is the one chosen by the storyteller, based on a word or phrase they’ve chosen. Their goal is to make sure that only some of the players guess correctly as they get no points if everyone or no one gets it right.

So in the picture below, the clue might have been “Flight of Fancy,” each player would then pick a card from their own hand that they think might work for the clue and then all the cards and laid out. Each player then votes on which card they think the Storyteller/clue giver placed down.


Simple enough, but each Dixit card is it own crazy piece of art. Some are gorgeous, some are funny, and some are completely surreal. There are also other games, like Apples to Apples, where you can use the Dixit cards in place of the originals for added game play. The cards are also great from prompting storytelling both in and out of the game.


Age range: Older children around 9 and 10 start to get a hang of giving clues that only some people can guess. I played with my three youngest siblings when they were 7 or 8 and while they liked the game they got frustrated when their clues were too easy and everyone guessed right. There is no reading needed at all.

People who might not like it: For people who are very literal, this can be a frustrating game. It is also a game can be hard for people with sight impairments.

Expansions: Dixit has multiple expansions, each with their own deck of cards for expanded play.

Since Dixit can play up to 12 players, it makes a great party game. The amazing art on the cards will help keep people talking after the game is over, too.

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