St. Nicholas is on his way

It’s almost time for St. Nicholas to appear! Kai and I have gone through her clothes and toys, finding all the things she’s outgrown or never really used in the first place. We’ve been talking about how we’re being helpers and how that’s the spirit of St. Nicholas inspires us. There’s only so much a one and a half year old can get behind, but it’s been fun so far.

We carefully packed the old toys and clothes up into a Santa Sack for St. Nick and placed them next to her shoes. St. Nicholas’ Day is the only day that we do any Santa-ish activities, so I am amping up the anticipation as much as I can for St. Nick.

The next morning the sack is gone and there is a clementine, and some small toys in her shoes. This year there is a Holztiger Rooster and a Dragon and Knight from a toy swap.

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