This Craftsman Life

Everywhere I turn someone seems to be invoking the Craftsman style, whether they’re renovating a bungalow or just adding a last piece of decor, it’s on trend. Most of these people are enchanted by the beauty and functionality of the style, but did you know there is a whole philosophy behind Craftsman homes?

The Arts and Crafts movement that gave birth to Craftsman style home was not just about creating cozy, beautiful homes. People such as John Ruskin and William Morris put forth a vision of society that valued the artisan and hand crafter. A world where making things was not just about making some money, but about personal fulfillment as well.

My goal is show you how I’m changing my life from the dreary suburban grind of throw away things into one that embraces many of the precepts of the Arts and Crafts way of life. I’ll be blogging about decreasing my reliance on plastic, lowering our household waste, increasing my DIY skills and embracing the artisan spirit, buying from work at home parents and small business what I can’t make, and growing my connection to my neighborhood and community. I hope that I will inspire you to do the same, or at least provide you with a smile or two as you follow my journey.

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